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Furnace & Heating System Services in Blacklick, OH

Losing heat during the wintertime is no laughing matter. Columbus, OH homeowners need a home heating system that’s dependable to get them through Ohio’s cold season. So whether your furnace is outdated, inefficient, needs repair or replacement — Blacklick Heating & Cooling is a full-service NATE-certified company you can call on 24/7/365! We offer a diverse selection of furnaces and high-quality heating services at competitive price rates. This includes emergency furnace repairs, furnace installations, furnace replacement, preventative maintenance, furnace tune-ups, and safety checks. For Indoor Air Quality, to go alongside your heating system, we offer whole-home humidifiers for winter’s dry air in addition to a wide range of air purification products.

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Professional Furnace & Heating System Repair Services in Blacklick, OH

Odds are, if you’re online looking up “furnace repair near me,” you’re having problems with a home heating unit. Whether your furnace is making noise, failing to heat your home like you need it to, or has broken down altogether, the home heating experts at Blacklick Heating & Cooling are always a fast and easy phone call away!

If you’re having an issue with home heating equipment, we can dispatch a NATE-certified technician typically that same day to perform a Diagnostic Service Call. Using the latest HVAC diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians thoroughly check your heating equipment and perform expert diagnostics to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. After they’ve identified the problem, they’ll present you with various options for resolving it to move forward — no obligations or hidden fees.

Residential Furnace Maintenance Maintenance in Blacklick, OH

Heating System Installation & Replacement Services in Blacklick, OH

Home heating units are expensive, complex systems that are essential to our winter comfort and safety. Although they are built to last a long time, when the time finally does arrive to replace a home heating system, it’s essential a homeowner finds an HVAC company that offers high quality products and superior services at competitive rates. It’s also essential that a customer does business with a company that’s trustworthy and professional, capable of doing this precise type of work right the first time.

Blacklick Heating & Cooling is an Authorized Amana Dealer in the Columbus market. We’re proud to offer a trusted manufacturer such as Amana®, among many others. If you’re a Blacklick, OH homeowner looking to replace their current heating system with an efficient unit and budget friendly, we have many options available to you, with convenient financing options. Get a free quote today!


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Preventative Heating System Maintenance in Blacklick, OH

When it comes to a furnace or any heat-generating system in a home, it always pays off, in the long run, to be proactive with maintenance rather than being reactive and having to pay for furnace repairs. Because our home heating systems are so essential during the wintertime, and because they take such good care of our loved ones and us, any HVAC pro will tell you that it’s wise to take care of them as well!

During a standard service call for seasonal maintenance, our residential heating technicians examine a furnace closely from top to bottom, investigating every component to find anything that might need to be addressed. We’re especially checking for things that could evolve into bigger problems down the road when heating equipment is being used the most. Ultimately, this saves homeowners time, money, and needless headaches.

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Our Furnace Tune-Up Includes:

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Ventilation check
  • Indoor fan motor examination
  • System calibration
  • Electrical audit
  • Safety and code violation check
  • and more!
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Residential Heating Safety Tips for Blackick, OH Homeowners

Blacklick Heating & Cooling is committed to keeping our customer’s safety, first and foremost. With heat-generating equipment being a leading cause of residential fires and fire deaths in the U.S., we always go to every length to guarantee our customers’ homes are safe, no matter what a customer’s reason for calling. Statistics show space heaters, water heaters, and fireplaces are actually the most common cause of residential fires. Nevertheless, any heat-generating appliances, such as a stove or oven, can cause a fire. These appliances should always be used with the utmost safety and caution and used only as recommended.

Below, we outline four Home Heating Safety Tips to keep you and your loved ones safe from home heating fires this winter:

  • Professional Furnace Inspection

    Having a NATE-certified or EPA professional technician check and inspect your furnace and all its related equipment, cleaning all the various parts and performing a tune-up is important heading into the winter months. Our home heating experts can troubleshoot your heating equipment from top to bottom and perform detailed diagnostics to identify minor problems before they evolve into major problems that are systemic and could cause widespread damage and even outright furnace failure. This is all part of seasonal preventative maintenance, which should be done every fall heading into home heating season.

  • Change Furnace Filter Regularly

    Don’t forget to change your furnace air filter once a month throughout the wintertime and to remove any and all flammable material from the area around your furnace.

  • Check Water Heaters

    When water heaters age and get older, their thermostat and their heating elements age and often tend to deteriorate. When this starts to happen, the flame will become inconsistent. And this could become dangerous, potentially causing a fire. The fire risk is worse if the water heater is in the garage, where it is susceptible to wind or changes in air supply caused by someone opening or closing a door.

  • Smoke Detectors are Essential

    Of the many more obvious safety tips, homeowners should have reliable smoke detectors on every level of their home at all times, including the basement. This also includes one inside every bedroom and outside every sleeping area. They should be on the ceiling or high up on the wall. Additionally, you should test them every month and make sure their batteries are good.

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Are you looking to upgrade your HVAC equipment or need help with financing to cover the cost of repairs to an HVAC system? Have a look at the current financing offer we at Blacklick Heating & Cooling offer our customers. We have partnered with Wells Fargo to offer convenient financing options.

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