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If an air conditioning problem has landed you on our “A/C repair” page, don’t fret. You’ve made it this far. We encourage you to take that next step and call our team right away so we can get you back in cool comfort as quickly and as affordably as possible, without all the headaches and hassle associated with HVAC problems.

Whether your central air conditioner is making funny noises, is blowing warm air, short cycling, or broke down altogether we can help. We can Schedule a Service Call if you’d like to repair your A/C in the same visit. Our technicians at Blacklick Heating & Cooling are fully insured employees of our company and we know how to work on all types and brands of air conditioning systems.

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What’s an A/C Diagnostic Service Call?

Whenever a homeowner encounters issues with an HVAC system and requires guidance to pinpoint the cause and learn options to fix it professionally, we offer a Scheduled Service Call to determine the problem.

Using the latest HVAC diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians thoroughly check your comfort equipment and perform expert diagnostics to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. After identifying the problem, they’ll present you with various options for resolving it to move forward.

From there, you are in no way obligated to have us repair the problem. There’s never any sales pressure or hidden fees. If you’re having an issue with your air conditioner, call Blacklick Heating & Cooling today! We can typically dispatch a technician the same day.

We Service All Brands of HVAC Equipment in Blacklick, OH!

At Blacklick Heating & Cooling, we want to ensure that you and your family feel comfortable in your home, which is why we perform service and repair on all brands and types of cooling equipment. No matter what kind of air conditioning equipment you have, our trained technicians can help you stay cozy. We repair brands from top manufacturers such as Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Rheem, Lennox, Heil, Bryant, Amana, Maytag, and many more.

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Common Types of Air Conditioner Problems

Don’t let a bad air conditioner ruin your summer! Usually, AC repairs are easier and cheaper than you’d think. If you’re having issues with your residential A/C unit, it might be a result of one of the common AC problems listed below:

Below are 4 Common Air Conditioner Problems:

  • Broken Compressor Fan

    Your home cooling system’s outside unit houses your fan, compressor, and condenser coils. These parts work to release heat from the air, transferring it out of your home to produce a cool indoor climate inside. If the outdoor fan isn’t working properly, the heat transfer process is inhibited. This prevents your AC from adequately cooling your residence, while a broken fan can cause the unit’s compressor to overheat. An overheated compressor could trip the air conditioner’s safety features, causing your air conditioner to shut down. Additionally, overheating can also damage the compressor itself, which is an expensive part requiring an A/C repair or compressor replacement.

  • Refrigerant Leak

    An AC utilizes refrigerant to generate cool air, which enables the system to run efficiently, releasing heat from the air to cool it. Air conditioners come charged with refrigerants when they’re installed. Nevertheless, a poor charge or a refrigerant leak can cause the unit’s refrigerant level to drop below the proper amount needed. To correct this, our NATE or EPA-certified technicians can recharge your refrigerant, which should only be done by a professional, accompanied by repairing the leak that caused it to begin with.

  • Frozen Condenser Coils

    If your condenser coils are frozen, your air conditioner won’t run properly. Poor airflow through your cooling system can cause ice to form on the AC coils. Usually, blockages are the culprit here — like dirty air filters or blocked return air ducts. Low refrigerant could also be the reason for frozen coils, which means you’ll need a professional to recharge your refrigerant levels. In any case, our AC repair technicians can diagnose the problem causing frozen coils, resolve it, and safely thaw your coils to restore cooling in your home.

  • Drainage Issues

    An air conditioner’s cooling process causes condensation, which usually flows away from the equipment. However, if there is a clog in the drip pan or condensate drain lines or outdoor humidity levels are high, moisture may back into your air conditioning equipment. Excess condensation will increase indoor humidity levels and affect the air conditioner’s performance negatively. It can also cause damage to your unit’s various components.

    To repair this, we closely inspect the underlying drip pan and all condensate lines. These lines will be cleared of clogs and may be treated for algae growth to prevent future clogs. If the AC’s components have been damaged, we show you and offer you an estimate to repair the damaged equipment.

Troubleshooting an Air Conditioner

The home cooling consultants at Blacklick Heating & Cooling wish you the coolest, safest summer possible. Below, our team of NATE-certified AC pros list some of the most common types of problems a homeowner might encounter with an A/C during the summer months. If you encounter any of these common A/C issues, the following DIY AC troubleshooting and repair techniques are worth checking out:

My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On:

  • Potential Causes: If you can’t get your unit to turn on, it could be from a blown circuit breaker or fuse. An internal switch could be off, or your thermostat could be improperly set or faulty.
  • Solutions:
    • Make sure it’s getting power from the electrical panel.
    • Reset the circuit break or replace the fuse.
    • Check your thermostat settings to make sure it’s set on “cool” and not set to “off” or “heat.”
    • Check for excessive water in your condensate overflow tray. There may be a sensor on your tray that turns the unit off when water pools up.
    • Check that all switches in and around the air conditioner are set to the “on” position, including the external safety switch that’s typically located near the condensing unit.
    • Check to make sure the blower door on the air handler is securely closed.

My Air Conditioner is On But it Won’t Cool:


  • Potential Causes: If your central AC is running but it isn’t providing sufficiently cool air, something could be blocking airflow in your system somewhere. Areas to consider include air filters, registers and compressors. Moreover, low refrigerant levels could also be the culprit. Without the adequate refrigerant, heat and humidity cannot be removed from the air efficiently.
  • Solutions:
    • Check the thermostat to make sure it’s working properly.
    • Take a look at the condenser to see if it’s dirty or blocked. If so, clean it and remove the blockage. The condenser can become blocked by tall weeds, grass, or other airborne debris.
    • Clean and/or change your filter (We recommend once a quarter.)
    • See if any ice has formed on the coils. If so, turn the fan on to melt it.
    • Check and/or clean the outdoor compressor. You could have a faulty compressor or an inadequate amount of refrigerant in the system, which would require a professional to fix.

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